Dell Latitude E6400 Review

Operating SystemWindows 7;Windows 10
Graphics CoprocessorIntel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD
Screen Size14.1 Inches
CPU ModelAthlon 2650e
The Latitude has always been Dell’s flagship model. They were originally designed for heavy use in the corporate environment. They’re built with higher quality components than you’ll find in the typical off the shelf retail model. These are perfect for business or home. This laptop has been fully refurbish. Every component is cleaned and tested for full functionality. Cosmetics are improved to show only minor wear. A fresh installation of Windows is performed with the included New license. This laptop will arrive at your doorstep ready to use right out of the box. All necessary cables are included. This laptop also includes a trial version of Microsoft Office 365. This enables you to try the all new version of Word-Excel-and Powerpoint. A standard open source Office Suite is also included. Microsoft Office 365 purchases beyond the included trial are not returnable or refundable. Microsoft is discontinuing offering Windows 7; this product is sold with either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Microsoft license terms for Windows 10 will include the downgrade rights to Windows 7.
Standing screen display size‎14.1 Inches
Screen Resolution‎1024×768
Processor‎2.4 GHz Athlon_2650e
Hard Drive‎160 GB
Graphics Coprocessor‎Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500MHD
National Stock Number‎7010-01-598-8398
Legal Disclaimer

FAST P8600 2.4GHz, 160GB Hard DISK DRIVE 4GB RAM, DVDRW , Wifi – EXCELLENT FULLY TESTED. Batteries hold charge but WE donot guaranty/Warranty batteries. They are sold as is. System comes with AC adapter Charger. Minor Wear such as scratches form previous use. Professional refurbished and tested by Microsoft registered Refurbisher.

Top reviews:
1.I apologize for this review taking so long to submit, but I just now started to use my purchased computer. I like the size of it, compact but not as small as a tablet. The wireless feature is so enjoyable that I can use a wireless mouse with it; the wi-fi feature is excellent. This is a basic computer but came loaded with Window’s 7 , which is what I wanted-no to Window’s 8 for me. It was/is very easy to use. The keyboard has slight indented keys making it easier to feel you’re on the key you want. The packaging was superb when I received it. I am very pleased with this purchase and would go the same route again when ready to upgrade.


The more I use this laptop the more I like it. One of the features I like is the lighted keyboard. I can see it in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and don’t want to turn a light on. Another thing I like is that the charge cord is located on the back of the laptop and does not get in the way when using it. Another is the size of the keyboard, it’s the same size as my large 6 year old (very heavy) 17 inch laptop because it does not have the number pad. I have big fingers and this is the smallest laptop with the nicest key pad that I have ever seen – online or in brick and mortar stores. Another is Windows 7 which I like very much.

The mouse pad only works well some of the time. I changed the sensitivity and that seemed to help but did not make it work as well as I like. I use a wireless mouse to solve that problem. It also has mouse control in the middle of the keyboard which I have not got on to using very well. I still gave this laptop 5 stars because I like it so well and the price was right.

As I have stated in my earlier review; I have since found the mouse pad on my particular laptop to be way less than what I would expect. Works some of the time but not all of the time. I have adjusted the sensitivity settings several times and this does not correct the problem. Still it’s not a deal breaker and I won’t be sending the laptop back. I connect my wireless mouse and use it when the mouse pad decides to act up. All other aspects of the laptop are worthy of praise – I continue to like this laptop more and more.


Not exactly what I expected after reading other reviews. The computer is clean with very little wear – appears to be a corporate unit that lived most of it’s life in the box. I would have preferred Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 but it came with Windows 7 Home version. It will do for now. There was some cleanup I had to do on the disk as it is only 150GB and I want to have as much as possible for my own applications/data storage. The bottom of the unit had to have sticky adhesive removed from it too. It did come with a power brick unit.

Do NOT pay for the Expedited Shipping – that was a waste of money. They shipped it via USPS and it took 7 days from the order date to arrive, not the 2-3 day window promised.

4.I bought this refurbished Dell Latitude E6400 because my Lenovo Laptop was crashing with blue screen error, I am very happy with this computer, it is not as modern as any new one you would buy off the shelf now, but it functions and does what it is supposed to do when you want it to do it. When I got the laptop it already came with the Avast free antivirus software installed, and it just needed a few updates This laptop does not have a camera but an external one can be added. I would recommend this computer if you are on a budget for only under $200 bucks and it also has windows 7 as an operating system which for me sealed the deal.